Circle of Empty Arms


Circle of Empty Arms author, LaShaundra Seale loves to write.  Battling infertility for 12 years inspired LaShaundra to write her novel.  She hopes to encourage those dealing with infertility, while educating others about the struggles of infertility.  Unlike some other infertility books, Circle of Empty Arms aims to entertain while informing.  The characters are corky and use outrageous methods to get their hearts desire.  LaShaundra understands the stress of going through endless fertility treatments and how often it can take its toll on women and couples.  She hopes to bring a smile and a glimmer of hope through her book. 


Although the book focuses on infertility, it will entertain all readers who love a little drama.  It will also inspire anyone going through a difficult time in life, while encouraging them to keep the faith.  This too shall pass, and the struggle will end.  She knows this, as her dream of becoming a mom finally came true after 12 years when she was blessed with adopting her son.

This is the second novel for LaShaundra.  Her first, Never More Than You Can Bear was published in 2008.

LaShaundra has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Tyler, and a Masters in Public Administration from Texas State University.

She currently resides in Texas.



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